Lodging Myths!

Myth #1: Stay, Play, and Earn is unfair because the big clubs get special consideration not available to other teams.

Fact #1: More than anything else, teams and clubs tell us they want to be together in the same hotel. To respond to this feedback, we implemented the Earn program. The more room nights booked through AOA Hotel Connections, the more points your club earns and the more prizes you qualify for.

Myth #2: Teams can find cheaper rooms on their own.

Fact #2: Our partner hotels guarantee the lowest GROUP rates for the tournament weekends. Generally, this rate is cheaper than the non-tournament or “normal” rate for the same weekend. However, if a team gets a written quote for a lower rate at one of our partner hotels, either an email from the hotel or a confirmation letter, we will make sure the team gets the rate the hotel quoted.

  • Rate quotes must be in writing from the hotel.
  • An email quote must match the email from the hotel exactly.
  • Guarantees apply to the same number of rooms as the quote.

Myth #3: Stay, Play, and Earn prohibits individuals from redeeming their Hotel Rewards Points.

Fact #3: While AOA Hotel Connections and AES cannot redeem rewards points from a hotel for the person who has the points, an individual can redeem his or her own points for a room at a partner hotel. It will not take away from the earned reward point for the club. It’s like getting double rewards!

Myth #4: Our team can get cheaper rooms at Expedia, Hotels.com, and/or other websites.

Fact #4: There are usually only 2-5 rooms available at the super-low rates quoted by 3rd party online sellers, and the rates are not available to groups. Usually you have to prepay for the room in full at the time of booking with a “no refunds” policy. Also, websites like those add extra booking fees on top of the rates after you book. In addition, if there is a problem, AOA Hotel Connections has no recourse to help you since you did not book directly with the hotel, through the AES website.

Myth #5: There are lower rates inside 30 days before arrival.

Fact #5: When AOA Hotel Connections is unable to fill a hotel block, hotels have the right to do what they can to sell their remaining inventory. Like airline flights, people booking very close to the event sometimes get a lower rate – or a much higher rate – depending on the number of rooms the hotel has remaining in inventory. Our rates are always going to be the overall lowest available group rate. HOWEVER, if you get a written quote from a partner hotel that is lower than what we quoted, we will honor that rate.

Myth #6: I can’t get a hotel that is not a partner hotel.

Fact #6: AOA Hotel Connections considers any proposals for any hotel that pass our examination. We cannot force a hotel to be a partner – it is their decision. For various reasons, a hotel may decide not to participate in that tournament. Generally, that is because they do not have the rooms available.