Lodging FAQ

What is Stay, Play, and Earn?

Stay and Play is the housing policy for AOA Hotel Connections, a division of AOA Sports, Inc., tournament entry requirements. To complete the entry requirements, teams must book hotel rooms at one of our partner and approved hotels through Advanced Event Systems (AES) in order to be accepted into the tournament.

The Earn comes in as a reward system brought to you by AOA Hotel Connections. Your club will receive one reward point for every room night booked with and paid for at a partner hotel. The list of rewards can be found here.

Why is Stay, Play, and Earn being used?

Stay, Play, and Earn is the single most effective tool we have to encourage hotels to work with us to provide room blocks for teams at prices we consider reasonable. Yes, we do have a personal relationship with our hotels but Stay, Play, and Earn gives us an advantage because it allows us to guarantee a room for you at the lowest rate possible.

In addition the city of San Antonio and Bexar County require all tournament directors to state how many room nights they brought in when using city property to run tournaments. This is so the city and county can determine the economic value of the tournament to the local economy. The easiest way for us to give an accurate count and track verifiable room blocks is to use a Stay and Play Policy.

AOA Hotel Connections just chose to make it a way for clubs to also benefit by using a Stay, Play, and Earn Policy, or by adding a reward system to Stay and Play.

Are there any exemptions to the Stay and Play?

Yes, there are exemptions. If your clubs mailing address is less than 50 miles from the playing site, you are automatically exempt. All other requests will need to be submitted on official club letterhead and sent to the tournament director. Together, the tournament director and hotel accommodations staff will make a determination and let you know the decision.

How many rooms must a team book for acceptance into the tournament?

To complete entry requirements, a team is required to book rooms at a partner hotel. The number of room nights required varies by the event. The requirements will be posted with the tournament event page on the AES website.

What is a “partner” hotel?

Partner hotels are ones that have passed AOA Hotel Connections rigorous interview and scouting requirements. Partner hotels work with AOA Hotel Connections to offer the best room rate for teams attending the tournament at one set price. This means that everyone will pay the same rate and receive the same amenities. The list of partner hotels can be accessed here through Advanced Event Systems (AES).

What is AES?

AES (Advanced Event Systems)is a sports tournament management company that helps to manage the entire tournament, from housing to scoring and site location. It is one stop to get all pertinent information regarding any tournament being run in the AES website.

I have family and/or in the area and/or I am staying with them:

If you have friends or family in the area, please submit a request on club letterhead to the tournament director. Together with AOA Hotel Connections, they will decide and notify you in writing if you waiver is approved.

Who determines the rules for Stay, Play, and Earn?

AOA Hotel Connections in conjunction with the tournament directors determine the guidelines and procedures for the Stay, Play, and Earn Policy. AES just helps to implement and manage the policy.

How do I maintain accepted status?

A team must, at all times between accepting a hotel room contract and the finish of the tournament, have the required number of minimum room nights in order to maintain their accepted status.

What happens if I don’t have the required number of room nights reserved?

If at any time you room reservations fall below the minimum standard, a representative of AOA Hotel Connections will contact you and you will have 24 hours to correct the situation. After 24 hours, if the situation is not resolved, your hotel contract and your entry into the tournament may be cancelled, at the discretion of AOA Hotel Connections and the tournament director.

What is the deadline to reserve rooms?

It depends on the hotel. You will find that information in the housing section of the AES website when making your housing reservations. Generally, our hotels will release the room blocks and discounts 2 weeks before the tournament, when the tournament sign up date closes. However, this is the hotel’s decision so it can be different.

If the date has closed and/or the deadline has passed, email us at hotels@aoasports.com and we will see what we can do about getting you rooms at your requested partner hotel.

What happens if my hotel contract and tournament entry are cancelled?

AOA Hotel Connections has worked with our partner hotels to not require a down payment. However, it is up to the discretion of the hotel and their individual cancellation policy as to whether or not the credit card used for guarantee will be charged.

Generally, all entry fees previously paid are non-refundable.

Why is AOA Hotel Connections contacting us about Stay, Play, and Earn?

In their role of housing director and managing tournament housing requirements, AOA Hotel Connections may contact teams directly.

What if the hotel I want is not a partner hotel?

We do an extensive and rigorous interview process and site inspection of all hotels before we partner with them. AOA Hotel Connections also creates a personal relationship with the sales director of our partner hotels. In all business transactions, sometimes there is no “meeting of the minds” and we are unable to partner. It is also a business decision for the hotel:

  • Sometimes hotels have other business booked that does not allow for them to partner with AOA Hotel Connections for certain tournament dates;
  • Some hotels offer rooms at rates AOA Hotel Connections believes to be too high; and,
  • Unfortunately, some hotels are just not suited to house youth sporting events, prefer not to do business with youth sporting events, or some hotels are just too far from the tournament sites

AOA Hotel Connections is always looking to add hotels to the list. If you would like to stay at a non-partner hotel, email us the information at: hotels@aoasports.com and we will do our best to form a partnership so that you can be happy with the choice of where you stay.

A hotel told me I can receive comp rooms by booking directly with them.

Comp rooms are rooms that are given by hotels at no charge in exchange for booking a certain number of rooms. Hotels almost always give the most favorable terms to AOA Hotel Connections when bidding for our business, but if a team or club is able to get more comp rooms on your room, please give us what they were quoted in writing and we will do our best to get it matched.

  • Rate quotes must be in writing from the hotel.
  • An email quote must match the email from the hotel exactly.
  • Guarantees apply to the same number of rooms as the quote.

How does Stay, Play, and Earn help my team?

Benefits for teams from implementing Stay, Play, and Earn:

  • Lowest Group Room Rates for the Tournament Dates
    • Stay, Play, and Earn leverage allows us to negotiate lower room rates for our blocks. Without Stay, Play, and Earn, a significant number of hotels would be available only at a significantly higher rate.
    • Stay, Play, and Earn allows us to hold hotels to "Rate Integrity," meaning no group gets lower prices than we quote for the weekend of the tournament unless all our groups in the hotel get the lower rates. Teams who reserve early don’t have to worry about being ambushed by lowered prices later.
  • Assured Availability of Rooms:
    • Teams are guaranteed they will get the room type (double or king) they reserve, unless otherwise contacted by the hotel or AOA Hotel Connections.
    • The hotel will do its best to ensure that each team is blocked together in the hotel.
    • Stay, Play, and Earn allows you to be assured that a room will be available to you, no matter what time you check in.
  • Earn Rewards:
    • Your club will receive one reward point for every room night booked with and paid for at a partner hotel. The list of rewards can be found here.
  • Great Variety of Prices in a Great Variety of Locations:
    • AOA Hotel Connections contracts a wide variety of hotels for us to meet team needs. Last year, our partner hotel rates ranged from $89 a night to $139 a night, all within 20 miles of the tournament sites.
  • On Site AOA Hotel Connections housing specialist:
    • We live here in San Antonio.
    • Our personal connection to our partner hotels allows us to fix problems quickly and efficiently, should the need arise.

What do I get for using AOA Hotel Connections and AES?

  • Lowest group rates for tournament weekend guaranteed.
  • Designated guest services director.
  • One point of contact.
  • 48 hour return call guarantee.
  • Earn rewards program.
  • Expert assistance in selecting the best hotel for your needs.
  • Tournament Cancellation Insurance. If the event cancels for any reason we will contact the booked hotels directly for you and cancel the rooms.
  • Guaranteed you will have a reservation when you show up.
  • Online and personal assistance with hotel reservation issues before, during, and after a tournament.